16 Easy Ways to Promote Your Mobile App


Google Play Store and iOS App Store turned a decade old in 2018. The mobile app market has truly reached maturity. Apps, are big business. A force to be reckoned with and you want to be with that force, not against it.


So here’s how to catch the wave and ride it like you’re in the World Cup Final...


1. Promote like there is no tomorrow

In every communication from email and newsletters to website and blog posts, PROMOTE YOUR APP. It doesn’t work if people don’t know about it. This goes against the grain for many, so it may be better to employ someone else if you are uncomfortable with tooting your app’s horn.


2. Social media

Any type of marketing of any product or service is incomplete without an active presence on social media. Choose a few platforms that are most often visited by equestrians in your target demographic and do at least one post a week about your app. 

3. Get recommendations

Look for those who have influence in the field that your app targets. For example, if you are a Pony Club, ask a young rider who regularly writes for an equestrian magazine or blog to review/recommend your app.

4. Get positive app reviews

Reviews are a significant factor in deciding if your app will be downloaded. Ask friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues and business partners (including yourself!) to go to the App Store / Play Store and leave you a 5* review. 

5. Blog about your app

This old SEO favourite is still one of the most versatile ways to spread information on the internet. Update your blog at least twice a month and keep offering a peek into your app content and offers (e.g. exclusive app user discounts on arena hire, private lessons, or an upcoming event).

6. Giveaways

Reward your supporters and give away something to those who refer to your app, appreciate it or mention it in their blog, social media platforms or other public spaces.

7. Interact with your social circle

Tell all your friends and family! The links they publicise and share on their social media will be vital backlinks. They are also likely to be just (or almost) as excited about your app as you are and great campaigners.

8. Facebook advertising campaign

This is one of the most natural things to do now with literally thousands of ideas about how to run a Facebook marketing campaign. Facebook is also a primary source of information in the equestrian world and where most of your target market can be found.

9. Be helpful

Not all the activity that you do has to be marketing related. Be altruistic and cultivate a useful persona. Your app is supposed to be useful after all! So help users to get the most out of it with regular tips and advice. Your reputation will lead to app downloads.


10. Create a contest for your users

Set up a contest for your users and make downloading your app part of the entry criteria. It could be goal-oriented and will make them feel good.

11. Advertise traditionally

Kick it old school and do good old fashioned marketing through tack shop pin ups, equestrian magazines, and local radio. It still works.

12. Do unconventional marketing

Where do your app users congregate? The stables, duh! So mention it to anyone who regularly uses your facilities or services, it’ll be of keen interest to them.

13. Create a QR code for your app

Create a QR code that links to your app in the App Store and Play Store when people scan it. Place your QR code strategically to get it noticed: in your stables, on your business cards, on your arena, on your face... or anywhere people will see it! QR codes make your app super easy to access and download.

14. Use LinkedIn

Yes, it appears there is a reason for having a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn groups are a great way to let your peers know about your app development. Unlike other social media, LinkedIn groups are the perfect place to showcase your app with interested, like-minded people.

15. Reach out to influencers on social media

Use viral marketing to its fullest by collaborating with influencers on social media. Just a few mentions of your app name by equestrian ‘Kardashians’ will bring hordes of downloads.

16. Try paid advertising

Nothing beats Adwords. But it has to be preceded by research about keywords and what sites your target audience might use. Your app could be seen on top traffic sites like Horse & Hound, or even the national daily’s like The Guardian and The Sun. This is definitely an opportunity for the trail blazers to get a head start on the equestrian app market!