Equestrian businesses looking strong!


We're 4 weeks into the Hoofpick Masters Series, where equestrian businesses across England and Northern Ireland have been taking on challenges to increase their profit and client loyalty.

To say we're impressed with the results so far is an understatement. It's nothing short of mind blowing to see the Top 3 businesses already experience a 4-8% increase in app downloads and a 15% increase in sales/bookings in just 1 month!

Each business is testing their scope and pushing themselves to learn and try out new tools and techniques that give them the edge. To see it pay off is amazing.

As we head into Round 3 of the series, the competition (and the weather!) is heating up. With 4 challenges to go and plenty of opportunities to be had, who will come out on top and be crowned the Equestrian Marketing Master of the Year?