How to Create More Buzz for Your Business


Are your stables needing horses? Are your facilities underutilised? Here are a few things you can do to get a bit more clip-clop.

Host a clinic with a top trainer

This has been tried and tested many times and it works. Equestrians are always looking for ways to improve their performance and we often prick our ears at an opportunity to do this. Clinics are a great way to attract new faces (potential clients) and become more established in your community.

Choose a date that doesn’t conflict with other events and area shows to get the best attendance. Then find a trainer that will entice your ideal clients. Remember, this doesn’t mean trying to get in touch with Steve Guerdat or Piggy French. Your clients could be at a more beginner or intermediate level and finding a trainer who specialises in helping riders move up a level might be just who you need. 

When you have a date and a trainer sorted, start considering the finer details:

  • How will you publicise the clinic and take bookings?
  • What is the minimum admission price you need to charge to cover your expenses?
  • What Covid protocols will you need to have in place?
  • What is your parking area capacity?
  • Will you provide refreshments/snacks?
  • Do you have adequate washroom facilities?
  • Will you have emergency veterinary or medical personnel on hand?
  • Are there any local ordinances that affect how you host your clinic?

We can help you tick off the first box with Hoofpick Bookable Services. You can actually manage the whole clinic from here (including bookings and payment). Set your chosen date and time(s) to book onto the clinic and limit the number of available spaces. Integrate this with your Website, your Facebook Page and even your Mobile App* so that your clients can find and book from any of these platforms. Now that the bookings are taken care of, you should have time to check off the rest on the list and look forward to hosting a clinic!

*Hoofpick Apps only.

Hold member events 

Members only events are a great way to increase loyalty and encourage your clients to stay engaged and active.

Activities could include:

  • Equestrian online book club or virtual movie night
  • “Learn How to Braid” online demos with a professional braider

And when Covid restrictions allow it:

  • Equestrian theme parties (think Grand National or horse and owner look-alikes)
  • Live streaming top events on a big screen (imagine Burghley in your tack room with comfy seats, snacks and wine - lots of wine!)
  • Stable dog shows or dog training sessions
  • Car boot sales

Any of these events can be listed and promoted through your Hoofpick Account. You can even set up and manage your own Membership Plans from there! Memberships are a fantastic way of making your clients feel appreciated and a little bit special!

Offer holidays (for horses and riders)

Like most people, equestrians like to take off and enjoy a holiday sometimes (boy do we need one right now!) But many equestrians feel they can’t leave because there’s no one to take care of their horses. This is when your boarding facilities can be their ticket to the Canary Islands or maybe just the famous British Staycation (not literally, but you get what we mean).

It’s best to start with providing drop-in care, or care for friends’ horses when they leave town, to get some shining references. You will then need to purchase the correct insurance for your area in case of any accidents (if you haven’t already). Once you’re all set, you can take on your first boarders.

One way to radically increase the number of holiday boarders you take in is to offer a simple booking facility that’s visible to clients on your Website, Facebook Page and Mobile App. With your Hoofpick Account, you can set the dates and spaces you have available for the year. If you are uncertain of availability, you can always add bookings manually on an ad-hoc basis and keep them all in one place for a great overview.

Run a summer camp 

Not every horse crazy kid has access to their favourite animal. Offering a summer camp at your facility gives them a chance to live their passion. We're all crossing our fingers these can go ahead this year because they're an awesome way for kids to try something new and get some social interaction at the same time!

We think these activities will ride well with the kids and you’ll be organising next year’s camp before the summer’s over!

  • Guided trail rides, river rides or beach rides
  • Watching a veterinarian in action
  • Riding lessons and basic horse care education
  • Equine art classes with live models
  • Show tips (like special grooming and braiding)

As with hosting a clinic, you’ll need to cover your legal responsibilities (licensing, insurance, and on-site emergency medical care). For everything else, there’s Hoofpick. Promote, manage and take bookings for the camp online through your account. If you want places to fill up fast and you’ve joined our Stable of Apps, you can ping a notification about the camp out to all your app users. 

Go the extra mile

You can also stir things up and attract more clients by offering in-house extras such as:

  • Pre-show washing, grooming and braiding
  • Monthly equine educational talks with a guest speaker
  • Mini cafe or coffee bar
  • Transport services
  • Regular massage or similar therapy (for both horse and rider)
  • Deworming, farriery, and other routine services
  • Laundry services for rugs and riding gear
  • Shoeshine and boot repair
  • Personal assistance for busy elite riders

You can give your creativity free rein here and dream up services that provide that touch of luxury we all love! 

Whatever speciality services you want to provide, remember your Hoofpick Account can also be used by 3rd parties to manage their Events & Bookable Services at your facility. Give staff and other service providers controlled access to your Hoofpick account by adding defined user roles. Soon, their clients will also be your clients.