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The UK’s Largest Equestrian Charity Shows Support for Children’s Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week took place last week but Place2be's Changing Lives Through Horses initiative continues throughout the year. Learn how this alternative education programme reconnects disadvantaged and disengaged people, aged between 5-25, back into communities through the magic of horses.

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The Importance of Horse Riding Schools: Why We Can't Afford to Lose Them

Horse riding schools play a vital role in our society, offering riders of all ages the opportunity to develop their skills, improve their physical and mental health, and connect with like-minded individuals. They also debunk the misconception that horse riding is cruel by promoting responsible and ethical horsemanship practices.

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Sharing your content and boosting your reach just got even easier with the handy 'Share' button available on all listings in the Hoofpick dashboard. Share any listing directly to your timeline, social channels, email, or quickly create a QR code, and let riders enter, book or engage at a tap.

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Horse for sale

Horse for sale

Blitzen ballet is a traditional holsteiner mare who really does have the look at me factor. Not only does she look the part, she has a beautiful canter, scope and takes great care whilst jumping. She is a horse for the future.

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