The main role of a volunteer helper is to either lead a horse or to walk by the side of the rider. In cases of severe disability this may involve two side walkers and thus on many occasions, three volunteers are needed for each disabled rider.

We can always do with more volunteer helpers. Last year we over 2,000 rides to nearly 200 riders with 110 volunteers – and we were still short!

We operate from Wirral Riding Centre in Ness. See the Rides page for times during which we operate rides.

Full training is given to all volunteers before they start helping so as to ensure that they are comfortable and feel fully capable to perform this role for our riders. We are required to apply for DBS Disclosures.

Volunteers tend to help at the same session each week and friendships form and develop. It is a two way experience as we proudly watch our riders develop skills and gain confidence in horsemanship.

Come and join us as a volunteer helper!
Please contact:

Liz Marrs
Tel: 07415 093511
Email: elizabethmarrs@hotmail.com


Jackie Toop
Tel: 07787 868181
Email: jackie.toop@btinternet.com