Weekly Roundup - late June


Beating the flies this summer!

Well it actually looks like we are having a summer after all, but the first complaint we like to make as soon as the weather warms up is, "These [insert your preferred word] flies are everywhere!" But it's not just you they're bothering... Find out how to manage them and reduce stable flies.

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Sixty years of Hickstead Derby history

Celebrating this iconic event, Sunday 26 June will see the 60th edition of the Al Shira’aa Derby take place at the All England Jumping Course at Hickstead in West Sussex. We look back on some special moments and get excited to see which rider will be added to the roll of honour in this important anniversary year.

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Running a Show not just an Event

Running events is a marathon involving weeks of arena prep, course building, judge organising, catering, sponsoring and marketing - before you even see the first horse in the arena! With all the grit that goes on behind the scenes, sometimes we forget we're also putting on a show, a spectacle, and it's not just the arena that's got to look good. But don't worry, your event looks gorgeous and runs seamlessly here.

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Equine Assisted Learning at Wirral Riding Centre

With the innate ability to sense what people around them feel, horses can be the best therapists and particularly good at supporting emotional regulation. This wonderful programme offers children, young people and adults the opportunity to engage in learning through participating in activities with carefully selected horses.

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