Above and Beyond Horsemanship

Welcome, Are you tired of sending your horse to a trainer, paying thousands of dollars and never knowing what your horse learned while away. What about the frustration of being able to put a saddle on your horse but now he bites, kicks and is a pain on the ground. Then you call the trainer back to find out what your horse learned and they treat it as a “top secret training event” and cannot tell you a thing. That is why we started Above and Beyond Horsemanship. On our website you will find the status of every horse in training and videos of that horse learning while in training. We take pride in the horse that we are training. The most important thing to us is that we take our time and do the job right. This allows you to receive a horse back that is a true friend and riding buddy. We provide horse training to those who are looking for a controllable and reliable companion horse. We go from halter broke to reliable, confident companion in 3 months and ready for their next stage in life via dressage, jumping, or trail. We also do riding lessons for beginners, trail rides and much more. Allowing and educating owners to truly enjoy their horses without fear. To also be able to give horses a second chance in life. Everyone deserves a second chance in life. Requirements for Training -Under Saddle training requires horse to be at least two years of age. -Jumping requires horse to be at least four years of age Requirements for Training at our location -Proof of Vaccines -Negative Coggins within 12 months -Health Certificate within 12 months -Proof of Deworming -Current Hoof Care