About the programme

Using horses as the inspiration for change, the programme provides an alternative learning environment to mainstream education. The skills developed through the programme meet the requirements of ongoing education and training, employers and participants.

The programme works to develop six key life skills through equestrian activity: Communication, Confidence, Relationships, Teamwork, Responsibility, Personal Achievement.

The framework of activity we have developed is called the BHS Achieve Awards and includes 10 stable management awards and six riding awards. There are also a range of BHS Achieve Skills. The BHS Achieve Skills are activities that can be carried out in the wider equestrian environment, such as wildlife awareness, photography or fix it awards. 

In the UK, 10.9% of 16-24 year olds aren’t in education, employment or training and 3.5% of all 16-17 year olds.1  1 in 10 children have a diagnosable mental health disorder as do 1 in 5 young adults. 2

Changing Lives through Horses has the potential to reach these people at a critical point in their lives.

Changing Lives through Horses aims to improve the lives of disengaged young people, regardless of their background, and give them the opportunity to develop skills that enable them to return to education and/or employment.We aim to celebrate the powerful impact that horses can have on our society and the unique development of life skills which can help young people for the rest of their lives.