Alternative Provision

Equine Assisted Learning is a unique method of education and learning that promotes the development of life skills for educational and personal goals through equine activities.

Horses can be particularly therapeutic as they have the ability to sense what people around them feel and respond to this making them good at supporting emotional regulation. Our programme offers children, young people and adults the opportunity to engage in learning through participating in activities with our carefully selected horses.

Equine Assisted Learning benefits children with Special educational needs, those who have difficulties with learning in a school or classroom environment and children that require additional support needs. The programme is also suitable for those with behavioural difficulties or struggle emotionally.

Equine Assisted Learning additionally benefits adults who are trying to seek change from certain patterns such as drug and alcohol addiction or in managing anxiety. It can also however be used as a team building opportunity to help staff build trusting working relationships.

Horse riding experience is not required as all of the work with our horses is done on the ground. This enables you to build a strong relationship with your horse by spending quality time together through building a trusting relationship where a horse will follow instruction. The instant feedback gained is hugely rewarding and empowering.

Run in conjunction with the British Horse Society we aim towards the Riding Care Assistant Award which is a recognised qualification covering all aspects of horse care and handling.

We believe that working to our set of values below enables our team of people, and animals, to deliver the best possible experience to our participants.


Through working with our specially selected horses and ponies with a horse first approach we believe that we offer a better learning and horsemanship experience. We believe that the horse is our partner and that being understood, well cared for and treated with kindness is essential for their welfare. 


Working with people and horses requires encouragement, appreciation and effective communication. We provide plenty of support to the horses, ponies and participants we work with. Our staff are all trained and experienced in working young people and adults.


Through understanding each participant's individual differences and aspirations we are able to offer a tailored approach. We understand that everyone is unique, and develops at their own pace so we are here to support along the way. We offer small groups or individual 1-1 programmes.


We create a platform for each individual to progress though focusing on solid foundations. We recognise that well built foundations in horsemanship, riding, learning, and personal development is key to progression.