Rider Pilates sessions

Carla Jones has over 20 years experience in the fitness Industry teaching a variation of Fitness Classes

As a rider herself she knows the Benefits of Rider Pilates sessions .

These sessions improve-

muscle Balance and strength

Improve Posture

Improve Core and Back Strength

Identify basic postural Imbalances

Taking part in Rider Pilates sessions can -

Strengthen and tone weak muscles and Improve flexibility by lengthening tight muscles

Rider Pilates enables you to develop your core muscles correctly allowing you to move your hips, upper body and arms all separately while maintaining a strong and stable core.

This is vital to our riding as many of us try and keep stability through gripping with legs leading to tight hips, or if we are weak in the core we often become stiff in our upper back and shoulders allowing Less movement through the shoulders.

Throughout the Rider Pilates sessions you will develop a more understanding of your body , working on Mobility, stability, flexibility, Core and back strength.all fitness abilities are welcome, any injuries you have must be discussed to make sure you are able to take part safely in the sessions .