Equine Salt Spa

​Equine Salt Spa Salt Therapy has been used in humans for decades and is a proven treatment for all types of breathing and skin conditions. Equine Salt Spa is owned by Salt Cave UK (www.saltcave.co.uk) and allows horses to experience the amazing qualities of Salt Therapy for the first time in the US. Our custom built horse trailer is a salt cave on wheels. It is equipped with the Equine Breeze Tronic Pro, a patented dry aerosol delivery system that naturally assists with high performance, rapid recovery and improved cardiovascular performance. During the 30 minute session, the horse passively breathes micronized salt. The salt acts like an expectorant, accelerating mucous clearance and improving lung function while killing harmful bacteria and soothing the respiratory system. The Equine Breeze Tronic Pro has been specially designed to provide Salt Therapy for horses. The equipment micronizes pure mineral salt and then releases it into the air for the horse to breathe. The particle size and concentration are carefully monitored to ensure maximum benefits. We are based in Wellington, Florida, home of the Winter Equestrian Festival, but we travel the country and can be found at major horse shows. The Treatment Salt naturally has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities. When horses breathe salt into their lungs, the salt reduces inflammation and congestion that cause the airways to restrict. Once clear, lung function improves. Improved lung function results in more efficient oxygenation of the blood and more effective removal of CO2 from the blood stream - which will lead to increased stamina and reduced recovery times. In addition, the salt helps treat skin issues, and overall inflammatory responses. Once the salt enters the blood stream, it eases inflammation throughout the horse's body. Because the treatment only involves 100% natural salt, it is not a forbidden substance and will not "test". Salt Therapy is a completely safe, natural and compliant way to improve sport horse performance. Salt Therapy Relieves Symptoms of: IAD (inflammatory airway disease or allergic airway disease) RAO (Recurrent Airway Obstruction, COPD or 'Heaves') Sinusitis Environmental Allergies Fungal and Non-fungal Dermatitis Various inflammatory skin conditions (e.g. summer sores, folliculitis etc.)