Wirral Riding Centre equine Sensory Programme

Aimed at Children & adults with additional needs

This is an opportunity for individuals to come and develop their skills with horses & ponies, on a one-to-one basis or within a small group, supported by a member of school or agency staff alongside a member of our team. 

Supported learning experiences can be over 1-2 hours, and can include stable management duties, grooming and horse care. A riding lesson can also be included at an additional cost. 

These programmes can be delivered during the school day and are bespoke, designed to suit the individual's needs and prices are agreed on an individual basis.

Our session are delivered in our indoor school by experienced staff, working with small groups of between 3 & 5 students 

The students build connections with the horses ponies , taking part in riding , feeding and grooming sensory experiences. 

Our group sessions are available during the day.

We can also offer 1:1 sessions as well.

With many years experience delivering supported learning and engagement programmes, we work with agencies and schools to deliver programmes for all children and adults

Please contact Phil Jones on 07943190896 or by e-mail Phil@wirralridingcentre.com to discuss your requirements