Hermitage Farm LLC

Hermitage Farm LLC Facility There is a choice of 3 rings for exercise, each of which has state-of-the-art footing designed for high-performance show-jumping: an enormous airy indoor arena, a 100x200 foot outdoor arena and a 5+ acre manicured Grand Prix field with both natural and traditional obstacles. A gallop surrounds the grand prix field for warming up, trails cross the woodland on the 76 acre property for cooling off, and there are hundreds of miles of open horse country surrounding the property for hacking and hunting. The state-of-the-art barn has twenty spacious 13 x 12 stalls. Each stall has been fitted with soft padded flooring and individual overhead fans. There are both internal and external doors in the stalls providing safety access and great ventilation in the summer months. In winter, the facility is heated. The aisle flooring throughout the entire barn is rubber-paved. The tack rooms have air conditioning and under floor heating. There is a spacious lounge for recreation and arena viewing along with cable television and internet access . There is also a bathroom and shower on the premises. All the paddocks are monitored by closed circuit cameras, which can be viewed on screens located in the grooming stations, as well as remotely on online. For safety and security our professional staff live on the premises.