Karolyi Showjumping

Karolyi Showjumping is an organization focused in training and sales of top quality show jumping horses. My name is Alejandro Karolyi. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela on May 28, 1985. At a very early age, when I was around 5, my mother introduced me to the sport of equestrian show jumping, which she practiced all her life. By age 8, I was riding on a daily basis and competing every weekend. The sport taught me patience and day-to-day dedication. By age 15, I had resolved to pursue the sport to the maximum level and was competing regularly throughout the US and Canada. I steadily improved my skills, climbed the divisional ladder and reached the Grand Prix level aged 18. My aim was to become a professional equestrian show jumper. At the prestigious yearly Spruce Meadows competitions in Calgary, I made the acquaintance of many of the world's top riders, including my future mentor and employer, Eric Lamaze, winner of the Gold Medal for Canada in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and currently rated by the Rolex FEI Ranking (International Equestrian Federation) as the world's #1 equestrian show jumper. My learning curve steepened and I had the invaluable opportunity to compete against world class riders. Consistent training and dedication has brought me remarkable results in extremely demanding and competitive horse shows (Spruce Meadows, Wellington FL, Lexington KY and Toronto). In 2008, after finishing my finance studies at The Monterrey Tech University, I called Eric Lamaze and asked him for a job at his renowned equestrian training facility, Torrey Pines Stables, based in Schomberg, Ontario, near Toronto. Eric accepted me for short-term employment to help him train and compete horses. The temporary employment became permanent when Eric offered me official responsibility for sourcing, screening, acquiring, competing and selling horses on behalf of Torrey Pines. In 2012, after almost 5 years of top quality learning and experience with Eric, I decided to take the reins of my own riding and training business. Concluding Winter Equestrian Festival in April of 2012, "Karolyi Showjumping Inc." opened its doors to new clients, students, and equine talents for further improvement and resale. My ambition as a professional rider is to compete throughout my career as a high performance athlete in the world's top show jumping competitions. My concrete goal is to become one of the highest ranked riders in the world (if not the highest) and to compete in the Olympic games in 2016 and beyond. To achieve that goal I will need to acquire a "string" of young high-quality horses, in order to develop them into my Olympic partners. Over the past four years at Torrey Pines, I have mastered the skill required to identify these fantastic horses at a young age. As well, 20 years of daily exposure and interaction with these noble animals has gifted me the ability to communicate with them and develop a partnership that maximizes their potential. My intention is to fund my career within the framework of a “marketing partnership” with a blue chip corporate sponsor, to be determined. I am extremely dedicated, have an endless desire to succeed and will not stop working to achieve my goal with these great horses for whom I have the highest respect, faith and love.