Livery Services

We have approx 50 stables available and offer a top class service to both full & DIY livery customers

DIY livery includes the lease of a stable but the owner provides suitable feeding and bedding and looks after their own horse.

With the full livery service we offer, Gransha staff feed, muck out and turn horses out when required. In both cases Gransha staff give all the horses their morning feed which in a DIY situation is left at night by the owner.

All liveries have use of the Centre’s facilities which are open 7 days a week from 7.30am to 9.30pm. Most stables have an automatic water drinker. We can organise vet and farrier visits but any fees will be the owner’s responsibility.

We provide 24hr on site supervision and all year round turnout for animals is available. Lorry and trailer parking is available at the owners own risk. We advise all liveries to insure their horses and tack as thefts sadly can occur regardless of security measures taken.

It is our policy that riders are correctly dressed and that approved head wear is worn. The yard has a no smoking policy and no dogs are admissible.

  • DIY livery costs £170 per calendar month.
  • Full livery prices are discussed with the individual due to the number of services available to each owner. 
  • A covered horse walker is bookable in advance at a cost of £2.00.