New Fortune Farm

New Fortune Farm Destre Meyer New Fortune Farm is now located at 1270 Birmingham Rd., Milton, GA. Lessons and Training are available and my gorgeous Sale Horses! Contact me if you’re interested in trailering in! The main focus of New Fortune Farm is to train and showcase sale horses. New Fortune Farm offers great selections of young through FEI horses for sale. Trainer, Destre’ Meyer, handpicks great prospects from Florida and the West Coast. Meyer prefers to work with top breeders and judges to hep her with horse selections. She is always on the lookout for young horses with great athletic abilities, friendly temperaments and high trainability. Destre’ works closely with ‘S’ judge Sue Kolstad training and selling horses. New Fortune Farm hosts several clinics a year with Sue. Detstre’ Meyer is a USDF Bronze and Silver medalist with a lot of accomplishments and recognitions. Destre’ has extensive knowledge of the equestrian industry. With years of dedication to the horse world, Destre’ has worked as manager of several Breed Shows and served as Vice President of Dressage for the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, a member of the GDCTA Board of Directors for 5 years and became part of the Young Horse Committee. Destre’ has also worked with Scott Hassler and helped him come here for the first young horse training symposium in Georgia. Focusing on the Hanoverian breed, Destre’ starts the horses, prepares them for the inspections and mare performance tests, and works through all the necessary steps to assure the right development of the young athlete.