September 20th Childrens Show

20 Sep 09:30-18:00

Abram Hall, Warrington Road, Abram, Wigan, UK

Category Showing

£6.00 (members) / £12.00 (non-members) + £2.00 per competitor first aid

Currently pre-entries only.

Covid-19 Information

Social distancing measures should be adhered to at all times. Current guidelines state that leaders and riders must be members of the same family. Due to the changing nature of the guidelines we will update them as we receive them. Please familiarise yourselves the day before the event for updated guidance.

Contact us before booking and we will send you a unique code to transfer your existing membership to the online booking system. To redeem the code, go to the membership page, enter your coupon code and press apply code. If this doesn't work, make sure you are logged in with the right Hoofpick account.

Abram Hall Riding Club

Abram Hall, Warrington Road, Abram, Wigan, UK