Sunday 20th June Points Show

20 Jun 13:52-13:53

Abram Hall Farm, Warrington Road, Abram, Wigan. WN2 5XA

Category Showing

May Points Show

Ring 1 Equitation 9.30am Start

Equitation classes will be judged on riding ability alone and competitors will not be required to jump with the exception of Riding Club Horse/Pony.

Please note - Snaffle Bridles only in Equitation classes (1,2,3& 9)

Ring 2 Ridden Showing 10.00am Start

Ring 3 Childrens Ring 1.00pm Start

10 Years and Under (on 1st Jan 2021) Ponies must be 13.2hh or under

Ring 4 In Hand 10.30am Start

Contact us before booking and we will send you a unique code to transfer your existing membership to the online booking system. To redeem the code, go to the membership page, enter your coupon code and press apply code. If this doesn't work, make sure you are logged in with the right Hoofpick account and the app is up to date.
Check the rider information for each class is the same (this includes the date of birth, spellings and grammar). If this is different, the app/website will view the entry as separate riders. If you decide to make another entry at a later date, you will be recharged the first-aid fee. It is your responsibility to make sure that the price is correct before you pay as this will not be refunded.
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Abram Hall Riding Club

Abram Hall Farm, Warrington Road, Abram, Wigan. WN2 5XA
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