Events & Bookable Services

How is it So Simple?

Seamlessly manage your Bookable Services & Events, from start to finish with Hoofpick.

Get set up in no time at all!

Create your FREE Hoofpick Account in seconds.
Link your FREE Stripe Payments account in your profile.
Embed your Hoofpick Events and Bookable Services page directly on your Website & Facebook Page.
Set and forget, any future Events or Bookable Services you create will automatically update.
See your Event or Service live in minutes for free. Enjoy a fantastic promotional display, including images, videos, downloads and more.
Start taking entries, bookings, and payments immediately.
A small booking fee is split automatically from your set entry or booking price at the time of booking and payment.
You will never receive a bill. You set the Entry or Booking price.
Direct your clients to
✓your Website,
✓your Facebook Page, or
✓your Mobile App
to enter, book, & pay.
Clients complete the whole process wherever you direct them, they don’t leave your Website, your Facebook Page, or your App to complete their booking and payment.
Once your entries and bookings are collected, export them all as CSV (Excel file) to create programmes, judges sheets etc.

See for yourself how easy it is!