Your tool for today's equestrian world.

Use Hoofpick for your equestrian business.
Events & Bookable Services

Take bookings for your events, classes and services online.


List anything equestrian for sale.

One Account

All your events & classifieds, on all your online platforms.

One Account,
Multiple Platforms.

Hoofpick gives you one place to manage your Events, Bookable Services & Classifieds.

It's new. It's simple.

It's better.

How does it work?

You get a Hoofpick account. It's FREE.

From here you manage everything that's important to your business.



Horses for sale

Services you offer

Everything you create is then updated across:

Your Website

Your Facebook Page

Your Mobile app

Your clients can find what you're offering, with no competition from other events or services.

Don't have a website or app?
We can help with that too.

How much does it cost?


Events & Services

For every booking you get, your clients cover the cost with a small booking fee.
No bookings? No fee.
Risk free.
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To sell, you get 1 FREE Classified, then just pay for the extra classifieds you want.
Nothing for sale? No fee.
Risk free.
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And that's it.

There are no additional fees to have your Events, Bookable Services & Classifieds where you want them.

Experience the difference.
Create your FREE Account and explore your new tool.

There's more!

Hoofpick is about growing your business AND your community.
You can do it with an integrated Hoofpick Website and a dedicated Mobile App.
Unlock the full potential of your Hoofpick Account and use it as a powerful tool connecting you with your clients, all from ONE PLACE.

Hoofpick Apps

Your own Mobile App customised to suit your business.

Include everything that is important to your business.

✓ Take bookings & payments.

✓ Send push notifications.

✓ Communicate in-app with users.

✓ Update all your content in real-time through your Hoofpick Account.

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Hoofpick Websites

You’re running a modern equestrian business,
let’s make sure your online presence reflects that.

✓ Say goodbye to ALL developer fees!

✓ Keep your website up to date yourself through your Hoofpick Account.

✓ Direct your clients to your own website to view, enter, & book all your Events, Bookable Services, & Classifieds.

Let your website be an asset, not a drag to your business.

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