Create Membership Subscription plans to grow your own community.

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Hoofpick brings you the opportunity to create Membership plans for your clients...

Flexible Options
Create multiple Subscription plans to suit your needs. Single, Family & Variable time periods.
Simply Managed
Keep track of all your Membership records and all your members' details.
Secure Payments
Provide your clients with secure, online payment facilities for your Membership subsciption plans.
Automatically Reward your Members with Special Fees for your...



When you create a Membership plan through your Hoofpick account you can offer Member and non-Member fees for all your Events, Lessons, Courses, Arena Hire, etc.

The Memberships module provides:

» A simple yet powerful and flexible way to create your Membership plans.

» One place to keep all your Membership records up to date.

» A modern, responsive presentation across all devices & platforms.

» Simple & secure payments for your Membership plans.

Memberships give you an opportunity to:

» Strengthen your community.

» Increase client loyalty.

» Generate recurring income from subscriptions.

» Reward loyal clients with Membership benefits.

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How much does it cost?

Setting up and managing your own Membership plans has never been simpler or more affordable.

With your own Membership plans you are creating a valuable asset for your business!

No Development Fees. EVER.

No Initial Setup Fee.

You only pay:

A transaction fee on any Membership you sell


You create and manage your Membership plans through your Hoofpick Account.
Your active Membership plans are available for your clients on Hoofpick, your Website & your Mobile App.
Free to create as many Membership plans as you require.

Use the power of your Hoofpick Account to create your own Membership plans.

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