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Private lessons consist of 1 hour of one on one coaching. Afternoon Session (see Afternoon session for later time slots).

Lauren was raised in the town of Lawrence, KS on her family's farm. She started riding horses when she was 5 years old and spent her first years riding recreationally through 300 acres of trails and fields. She quickly got involved with her local pony club and started three-day eventing. She earned her C3 rating before deciding to commit more of her time to dressage and pursue North American Young Rider Championship. She received an exceptional start to dressage with Grand Prix trainers Jami Kment and Rebecca Rigdon at Freedom Hill Farms in Desoto, KS. During her first few years competing regionally she earned her USDF Bronze medal, multiple high points, and was regional champion for First through Third level with scores in the 60's and 70's.

In 2007, Lauren had the opportunity to train with Grand Prix rider and trainer Ryan Yap in Chicago, IL. She participated in NAYRC and competed through Prix St Georges earning her USDF Silver medal over the following years.  She was able to follow her trainer to Wellington, Florida to ride with Cathy Conelly and compete at the PSG level. During her second year in Florida, Lauren studied with Pan American Games silver medalist and International Grand Prix rider Heather Blitz. She has worked with and attended regular clinics with Heather since she was 12 years old and continues to seek her instruction as often as possible. Heather's methods of teaching and training horses have been most influential in her own riding and teaching practices.

Lauren is a dedicated instructor. She has spent years cultivating her teaching style and training methods to be able to communicate in the best way for each individual. Whether you are a beginner rider or serious competitor, she is able to adapt to your needs and help you achieve your personal goals.

As a rider, Lauren has an extensive background in biomechanics through instruction from Heather Blitz and Mary Wanless. She believes in athleticism in herself and her horses in order to bring the most out of each individual. She is able to fine tune responsiveness to the aids and improve self carriage while developing a happy and confident horse with a willingness to work. Her connection to biomechanics, extensive background in classical dressage, and experience in the jumper and eventing rings have helped shape the way she teaches and trains today.

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