Jump Arena

Hire of our outdoor 55m x 45m all weather arena with an Andrews Bowen sand and fibre surface. Includes a full set of Jump 4 Joy show jumps set out in a schooling configuration.

Terms of Use:

Pick up and dispose of all horse droppings and rubbish into the wheelbarrows and bins provided. 

Return all fences to their original position and put fences back up to a course of approx 1m after use.

Ensure all poles are back onto their corresponding fences and leave no poles on the floor.

A fine of £5.00 is issued for droppings/rubbish left in the arena.

Any damage to the equipment or facility must be reported. Broken equipment will be need to be replaced like for like by the hiree.

CCTV is in operation.

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The show jumps are set out in a schooling configuration, so although they will be able to be jumped as a course they will not be numbered with a start and finish.
Yes there are Arena Lights. They run on a meter at £1.00 for 30mins. You can put multiple £1 coins in at a time to cover your time in the arena. The meter is located under the viewing area to the left of the door to the cafe area.
Well behaved dogs are allowed onsite. They must be on leads at all times and their owners must clean up after them.