Auckland Showjumping what a lovely show...

Auckland Showjumping what a lovely show!!!! And was beautifully updated via FB thanks to the awesome IT person

1st place in the Young rider Was Brooke Hawthorne abroad Ziggy Stardust gnz (Lansing/Corlando)

This awesome partnership also came 8th in the 1.40m on Saturday

6YR class (on style) 6th place Lassandra gnz (Lansing/Drossana) and Simone Kann

5YR class (on style) 4th place Takapoto Cartier (Cartell gnz) and Aline Tirant

4YR class (on style) 4th place Kabo gnz (Pennsylvania/Lansing/corlando) and Kate Herdson this is the first Pennsylvania to be out well done Kate!

Teacup gnz (Lordano/Corlando) jumped clears in her 90cm baby classes with Simone kann

Dragonfly gnz (Cartell gnz/Magic of Sydney) jumped clears in her 80cm baby classes

So rewarding seeing these horses out and doing there thing, well done to all the owners and riders!!