Introducing the Digital Dressage Scoring Sheet


When we first added Hoofpick Biz a year ago it was primarily intended to support and compliment the Hoofpick platform. Specifically, it allowed our Hoofpick listings to include various digital forms that extended the ability and functionality of the listings by providing the ability for digital forms of any kind to be included with the listing. Over the past 12 months, this has allowed thousands of 'Rider Registration' and 'Pony Camp' forms to be completed with bookings directly through our client mobile apps. Stallions services have been booked, volunteers have signed up and much more.

It has taken a bit longer than hoped (where does the time go?!), but we have finally started applying ourselves to exploring the considerable additional possibilities that Hoofpick Biz can offer. One of the most exciting things that we have just created are 'Digital Dressage Scoring Sheets'.

To the best of our knowledge, our Digital Dressage Scoring Sheets are a World First. They provide dressage judges and dressage judge scribes the opportunity to complete their dressage score sheets digitally, automatically calculating all total scores and percentages, and automatically producing signed dressage score sheets that can be emailed, downloaded or printed. Digital Dressage Scoring Sheets greatly reduce the workflow for event organisers - all results are automatically collected and exportable in spreadsheet format, all calculations are complete and accurate, and final results are available the moment the event concludes without any effort on the part of the event organiser. And there's more... completed dressage score sheets can be branded by the event organiser and can include event sponsor promotional branding and links.

Could this be the beginning of a new era in dressage scoring? You be the judge - we would love to know your thoughts and feedback. There is a demo Digital Dressage Scoring Sheet below that you can test for us that includes a 'Feedback' area at the end of the scoring sheet for your valuable input. If you include your email address with the test Digital Dressage Scoring Sheet and submit it, you will automatically be emailed a copy of your test score sheet in pdf format. A sample pdf of a completed dressage score sheet can be viewed on the document link below.

We look forward to hearing from you....