Times for our Arena Eventing this Sunday


Times for our Arena Eventing this Sunday, look forward to seeing you all then! Our café will be open for hot food and sweet treats. Dont forget to arrive in plenty of time to walk the course at the start of each height.


12.00 Jodie Anderson Dixie (m)

12.05 Caoilseach McCann Slim Shady (g)

12.10 Rebekah Todd William (g)

12.15 Lola Gallagher Tyrllawn Maseratti (g)

12.20 Gail Hadden Diesel (g)


12.40 Rebekah Todd William (g)

12.45 Lola Gallagher Tyrllawn Maseratti (g)

12.50 Gail Hadden Diesel (g)

12.55 Lily Mackenzie Emperors dream (m)

1.00 Jodie Anderson Slideaway (m)


1.20 Miriam Wright The Castletown Lad (g)

1.25 Grace Reid Killyglen Grace (m)

1.30 Audrey Leahy Barney (s)

1.35 Hannah Robinson Smokey Velvet (m)

1.40 Jodie Anderson Slideaway (m)

1.45 Tori O’Hara Brian (g)

1.50 Sophie Moore Diamond Daydream (m)

1.55 Sarah Wilson Parcglas Splendid Attraction (g)

2.00 Lindsey McMullan Lady (m)

2.05 Penny Logan Izzy Wonderful (m)

2.10 Holly Logan Owens shadow (g)

2.15 Caitlin Foster Ziggy (g)

2.20 Aldona Forbes Goldie (m)

2.25 Lily Mackenzie Emperors dream (m)

PC 70cm Qualifier

2.30 Sarah Wilson Parcglas Splendid Attraction (g)

2.35 Penny Logan Izzy Wonderful (m)


2.50 Holly Logan Mini digger (g)

2.55 Sophie Clugston Something Similar (m)

3.00 Carraig McLarnon Tilly (m)

3.05 Lesley Wilson Lyleview Martell (g)

3.10 Mya Morrison Reva (m)

3.15 Ian McCluggage Lir (g)

3.20 Holly Logan Owens shadow (g)

PC 80cm Qualifier

3.25 Hannah Robinson Smokey Velvet (m)

3.30 Eve Lindsay Kilcurry Gem (m)

3.35 Kai McAllister Toby II (g)

3.40 Katelyn Irvine Kensington Absolute (m)

3.45 Robyn Rice Holiday Kruising (m)

3.50 Holly Rice Supreme Dream (m)

3.55 Chloe Stewart Breeze (m)

4.00 Zara Reid Greylands Diamond Girl (m)


4.15 Sophie Clugston Question Mark (g)

4.20 Holly Logan Mini digger (g)

4.25 Alison Mclean Shi (m)

PC 90cm Qualifier

4.30 Eve Lindsay Kilcurry Gem (m)

4.35 Kai McAllister Drumany May (Piper) (m)

4.40 Katelyn Irvine Kensington Absolute (m)


4.50 Alana Lavery Poppy (m)