About Equigraphic : Annaliese Tassano Founder and principle photographer Annaliese Moyer Tassano has been a photographer and horsewoman all her life. Weaving together these two great passions is the culmination of many years of work and exploration. Her experience with the equine subject as a rider, trainer, therapeutic horsemanship instructor, and life long student lend her particular skill and facility in capturing their abilities, spirit, expression, and accomplishments in camera. Her love and appreciation for all horses and the people who love them inspire her to make each image a work of art that speaks reverently, enthusiastically and lyrically about its subjects. I have recently relocated to Austin, Texas. I also work regularly in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and I frequently return to the east coast, especially the New York and Washington, DC areas, where I spent the first thirty-three years of my life. With my passion for travel, I enjoy photographing wherever I go and am enthusiastic about location work. There are pictures from five continents on my website. Equestrian clients and publications include: Monty Roberts International Catalogue Wells Fargo Historical Division Strides Magazine Forward Stride Center for Therapeutic Riding The National Center for Therapeutic Riding Creative Quarterly Roving Horse Henna The Hunter Experience The Territorial Express Beau Val Farm Fox Whisper Farm Other clients and publications include: Ex Art Equinus - Silver Award The Wall Street Journal The Washington Post Rolling Stone Billboard Siemens Random House The Smithsonian Institution