4 Signs Your Equestrian Business is Perfect for...

Horses are huge in the UK. We have a proud history of international success across all disciplines because we’re really good at it and we really love it. This success is nurtured by (and perhaps owed to) the grassroots organisations - Equestrian Centres, Pony Clubs, Riding Clubs & Riding Centres - who provide the accessibility, support and education we need to succeed with our passion. Ask some of our equestrian superstars (Charlotte Dujardin, Scott Brash, Mary King) and they’ll tell you about their first wins and fails at one of these places when they were just starting out. 
1. You’re supported by a large, established community

With 27 million people in the UK interested in the equestrian industry, there is certainly no shortage of British horse enthusiasts. However, it cannot be said that there are 27 million people with the land and facilities to accommodate horses. For this reason, if you’re an equestrian centre or club, you probably have somewhere between 500 to 10,000 riders who regularly enjoy sharing your facilities, attending your events and using your equine services. 

This means you have a potential reach of 10,000 mobile users who would download your app. By giving your riders instant access to your business, anytime, through their mobile device, you are supporting and solidifying your riding community. They can stay informed about relevant news and updates, enter an event in a few taps, and most importantly, feel connected to their sport and fellow riders. In return, their continued loyalty and support can be rewarded with exclusive app user discounts and specials. 


2. Your riders are super busy people!

Anyone with horses knows these incredible animals have a way of absorbing all our time, energy and resources. We’re not just taking care of ourselves, partners, families (and in all likelihood a multitude of pets), we are also wholly responsible for the ongoing requirements of half-tonne, moving, eating and manuring machines. We haven’t got time to brush the dog hair off the sofa, let alone have our nails manicured. So if something comes along that makes life easier - boy we’re all over it like flies. Ordering a taxi? All hail Uber! Transferring your mum £20? Out comes your mobile (a.k.a your wallet). Checking your emails? Yeah no, we don’t do that. But we’ve got an app for it anyway. 


Connecting to people through mobile app

Having a mobile app to handle these daily tasks beats navigating through a rabbit’s warren of information and other competing distractions online. When we want to get a job done, we don’t want to be shown the latest hair removal phenomenon. We have a purpose and we have a few spare minutes to fulfil it. Offering your riders a direct and personal way of staying connected and managing their membership, bookings & events with you, is like giving them hours of time back in their life - amazing! 


3. Unpredictability is part of life

We’re all too familiar with that heart sinking feeling of going to ride and our horse is lame. We’ve also had to make last minute stable arrangements due to flash flooding. Just recently, we’ve been competition planning for months in advance only to clear our calendars due to a horse herpes outbreak. The point is, horses are unpredictable. Plans change, events are cancelled, announcements are made. With many riders travelling across the UK to attend competitions and clinics, it’s vital that communication can travel quicker than the next influenza or flood. 

Mobile apps use push notifications to keep their users informed with a message that lands straight in the person’s hands. These notifications have become such a normal aspect of our lives that we now expect important news to come to us. We shouldn’t need to find information that concerns us, we should know about it instantly. The same goes for good news too! If show results have been posted, a new schedule's up, boarding spaces are available, or there’s something cool that you don’t want your riders to miss out on (Tackroom Tacos Night, for example) the best way to send all your news and updates is with a little push. 


4. Regular reasons to connect

Running an equestrian business usually involves hosting events, clinics, lessons, socials and loads of other horsey entertainment every weekend, if not every day. Many riders from your community need to use your facilities or services multiple times a week, which means they’d need to use your app multiple times a week. Whether they’re wanting to hire an arena, book onto a clinic, enter an event, check their results, or just find out about livery, your app is the portal through which it’s all seamlessly possible. 


If you can identify these signs in your equestrian business you’re already set up to have a mobile app! Give yourself, your business and your riders a reason to support each other even better than before. Make it more than shared facilities, services and passion for horses. Make it quick to access and easy to stay connected. Make it your community with a dedicated mobile app.