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Mobile apps are quickly becoming the new standard. Just like every business has a website nowadays, every business will soon have a mobile app. This is simply because more and more people own a smartphone every year and all of those people are downloading apps onto their device. In fact, 89% of smartphone usage is devoted to apps. They give a better user experience, they’re faster, and they offer extra features. Last year, 204 billion (yes BILLION!) apps were downloaded worldwide. So if you’re asking yourself, “why would they download my app?” The answer is, “why wouldn’t they?”

The problem is, companies like Facebook and Uber spend tens of millions of pounds each year developing and maintaining their software. Trying to compete with these apps on a shoestring budget is living in a dream world. Getting a full service mobile app developed independently will easily cost in excess of £30,000 to develop and maintain all of the features and functions you’ve got in mind.

Or, you can go down the Free Trial "drag & drop" route and buy the promise that you’ll build your own app with no coding knowledge at no cost. Except your time. Sure, after first learning how to use the software you will eventually have an app to play around with in a simulator. That’s a far cry from actually being published and available for download in both the App Store and Play Store, another two entirely different platforms to get to grips with. Then, if you want to build in additional functionality outside of the drag & drop buffet, such as an event entry system capable of managing numbers, late entry fees, rider fees, starting orders and live results… well, you might need to know a little code. 

So we see the obstacles: it’s too expensive, it’s too technical, it takes way too long, it’s for the big players... Now it’s time you got to see a solution with the scope to jump these obstacles and put you back in the Premier Ring with the top guns.

Hoofpick apps for equestrians

  • Your own app published in the App Store & Play Store
  • Customise for your brand and everything important to your business
  • Reach & connect with clients
  • Impress your market
  • Run your business on autopilot
  • Invest what you can afford

Power to connect

Unlike email and social platforms, there are no spam folders, ad blockers or algorithms that can stop you reaching your audience. Your mobile app gives the power back to you. Without relying on 3rd party platforms, every person can be reached whenever you want with push notifications, even when the app’s not open.

Impress your market

Fully customise your app to match your brand and your needs. And when those needs change, you can adapt and update your app in real-time! Advanced features like Memberships will increase loyalty and consequently revenue. While other features like Rider Profiles, Event Management, Bookable Services and Sales are designed with the equestrian in mind and help you and your clients get the most out of your app.

Run your business on autopilot

Instantly monetize your app with the integrated payment system and accept payment for any entries, bookings or memberships you want to offer. You can even integrate your app with your current website and Facebook page so all your online platforms update simultaneously with your latest information. 

Sound too good to be true?

We thought so too. But Hoofpick is your tool for today’s equestrian world and we were determined to help you stay on top. For one lifetime payment of £599 you could have your very own app with all of these benefits downloaded on your mobile in less than a month. From build to launch and beyond, we’ve got you set up for success in the world of mobile apps.

Now that’s a scopey solution.