Backing and Breaking £170 per week

So you want your horse broken but want to be sure it’s treated like a individual rather than a number?

We have limited stables for livery services so our services are very personalised with horses in for various services treated like our very own competition horses. We break and start all horses accordingly and individually getting to know their personality. With over 20 years of Backing and Breaking we have seen it all from ponies to Cobs to horses bred by world class sires sold out of the elite auctions for many many thousands. We treat all horses the same. We pride ourselves on being able to give you regular updates, Pictures and videos all come Part of the service and you are welcome to come and see the progress. Horses are broken simply with as little gadgets as possible and we are happy to discuss your specific needs. Regardless if you want us to just do the ground work or go from start to finish and have them confidently popping a jump we are happy to discuss and work with you. 

We have excellent testimonials.