Group or private lesson with Jennifer Thompson CSA


Jennifer Thompson CSA is available for group or individual lessons on site in the exceptional arenas of Cheadle Equestrian Centre. Jennifer has a lifetime of Experiance in most aspects of equestrianism from competing from the age of 5 to competing up to 1.45 internationally. 

Jennifer has ridden and trained with some of the best riders in the world including Olympic Gold Medalists as well European Riders. She has achieved a wealth of knowledge from these riders over the 17 years of working and training with such riders and can now offer it to yourself. 

Jennifer has worked in America as a riding director at just 18 years old and was flown to Abu Dhabi to teach. 

Jennifer has a broken and produced horses whom are currently in the yards of Olympic Gold medalists and has a wealth of knowledge in young horses and Showjumpers in particular. Horses broken and produced by Jennifer have gone on to perform at the highest levels including Badmington, Grand Prix Dressage and Showjumping so she understands the importance of good flatwork and schooling as well as more technical aspects including Gridwork and gymnastic training. 

Jennifer has experiance from teaching all levels and ages from inexperienced riders who need polishing and confidence to More advanced riders looking for a different aspect and eye on their training.

Testimonials available but please read some responses below 

Iv got to be honest I was a little nervous about booking a lesson with Jennifer as I can barely jump a cross pole and I was thinking I am way out of my depth to have a lessson with someone like her and even if she would consider spending her time to teach me BUT I am so glad I booked as I have never looked back! Absolutely fantastic! She is no push over and I feel like Iv done 5 Zumba classes back to back but I’m buzzing”

“Jennifer has a great way with confidence building and with children and can get the most out of them within a short time and the results speak for themselves”


”Just finished a clinic with Jennifer Thompson and all I can say is WOW, I have learnt so much in 45 minutes both me and my horse have achieved things I never thought was possibl! I cannot Thank or recommend her enough”


”As a professional rider and Coach myself I went to Jennifer eith a particular horse I was having difficulty with in his jumping  I had tried many methords myself as well as other coaches to no avail. Jennifer worked on my horses and didn’t just stop after the lesson had technically run out she continued until she had got a result she was happy with. Within 2 sessions the horses issue was fixed and we have never looked back. I still call on Jennifer now for her expert eye on a problem she sees what others do not” 


“horse whisperer? I know she will roll her eyes but she is gifted! She lets them speak to her and she listens. She sees what others do not and horses achieve things with her. She understands horses in a way I can only dream of. She is a true horsewoman! Old fashioned in her training and her way the type you struggle to find now”