Holmestead Saddlery Auctions launches new app


This last weekend Holmestead Saddlery ran their first live saddlery auction with their new Mobile App (available on the App Store and in Playstore).

The new app, with its completely autonomous dashboard, gives Holmestead complete control over the appearance and content of their app, and allows them to create helpful on-boarding screens for their clients, provide a simple an intuitive way for users to navigate the auction categories and an easy way for users to manage their auction accounts, watchlist and bids. It also allows Holmestead to send timely push notifications to their users keeping them up to date with auction start times, featured auctions and reminders when auctions are closing.

The first auction with the new app went off without a hitch, and they now have over 1000 app downloads. We are sure that with their great range of no reserve auctions and their snappy, handy mobile app, they will continue to grow this platform and go from strength to strength.