What's New to Support You in Spring?

If you're anything like us, you will be feeling cautiously optimistic about the rest of 2021! There is definitely something about Spring - watching the first daffodils pop, feeling the sun and not just seeing it in a distant memory, getting the first whiff of a BBQ, and deep cleaning the horsebox as we prepare to get the show back on the road - that's putting a smile on our face. 

While the mood and lockdown restrictions are gradually lifting, we wanted to share some new features with you this year...

Memberships - reward loyalty

What better why to say thanks and encourage riders' support right now than to offer them an exclusive membership with you? Create your own Membership plans, whether you are a Riding Club or an Equestrian Centre or even a Riding Instructor! These Memberships are fully flexible and adaptable to your needs. Create as many as you like and call them a Riding Club, VIP Pass, App Members, Riding Academy - anything you like. Allow Single, Family & Group plans with variable time periods and prices. Keep track of all your members' details and take secure online payments. Then reward them with special discounts on your Events, Lessons, Clinics, Arena Hire, etc.

Find out more - your clients will love you.

Live Auctions - under the hammer

It's an online world at the moment and this includes horse sales and auctions. Create your own online equestrian saleroom complete with:

  • Live bidding
  • Bid history
  • Videos, photos & PDF documents (x-rays, vet checks, etc.)
  • Breeding data links
  • Full description
  • Start & reserve price
  • Controlled start & end times
  • Auto bids
  • Link to your website
  • Social media links
  • Direct enquiries via Contact Form
  • Terms & conditions

Your Hoofpick Account comes with one free Auction so you're good to go.

Find out more - and let the LIVE bidding begin!

Rider & Horse Profiles - for faster entries

Riders & Horses are now selected from your Hoofpick Profile when entering events or booking services. This means you will need to add Riders & Horses to your Profile first and make entering and booking even faster! This is super easy to do either from the Hoofpick website or any of our apps.

Find out more - save your details and time now.

As always, we're here to help and you're welcome to contact us with any questions or feedback you have. We look forward to seeing you all out and about again!